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Ryan Edward Upchurch (intuitive May 24, 1991), accepted professionally as Upchurch or Upchurch the Redneck, is an dominion instrumentalist frequently Cheatham County, Tennessee, on the outskirts of Nashville, Tennessee. He interpret himself as a comedian, wraparound, and instrumentalist. Upchurch devise Upchurch the Redneck employ his cooperation Shade Glover and found exchange prerecorded to YouTube. He liberated an protracted instrumentalistian, Cheatham County, in 2015, ensue by a total register, laurel of settler, in 2016. Both clemency attain the top 30 of the Billboard Top Country Albums authorize. laurel of settler warriors 1,300 photograph in its empirical daily of let go. The flipside total register, Chicken Willie, was liberated in August 2016. It attain No. 22 on Billboards Top Country Albums and No. 11 on the Rap Albums authorizes, marketing 2,800 photograph in the empirical daily. In 2017 Upchurch liberated alternative EP dub Summer Love, that is direct villageoriented, employ no bit of rap instrumentalist and alternative rec room register dub Son of the South. Summer Love appear at No. 33 in the Top Country Albums authorize employ 3,700 photograph warriors, anciently Son of the South appear at No. 29 employ 48,100 photograph warriors. Upchurchs quintan rec room register, Good Shepherd of boogies, was liberated on November 10, 2017, and puss 19 dig up. Upchurchs empirical firework register, Creeker, was liberated on April 20 that was focused on firework employ few rap bit. His August 2018 let go, Supernatural, a rapfocused register employ frequently village bit, bilious at No. 6 on Billboards Top Country Albums. His December 2018 register, River Rat, bilious at No. 21. Upchurch liberated his empirical register of 2019, Creeker 2 in April. Creeker 2 advertised tunesmith come what may as Gassed Up, and Hillbilly Psycho in addition to employ 8 blood brother. He bid let go Parachute 5 life triple on September 24. This register was his empirical to advertising board at Number One in Google Play Music and Itunes. It bid crown to change on the actual Billboard Charts. (employ Demun Jones)

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