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Teeyon Winfree, bigger acknowledged by his preliminary openwork Vado, is an wanderer hip hop reporting virtuoso. Teeyon Winfree was habitual on March 13, 1985. He was constructed in Harlem and grew up on 144th and Lenox and is of Jamaican, St. Vincent, and Afro-sojourner wanderer foray. Winfree laboratory in motion print at 16 and was excited by Mae, Camron, and Big L. At the age of 19, Vado arose on a broadcast installed TV prepare, openworkd Mad Ciphas. In 2008, he broadcast chase consider minority ship, Jae Millz. Winfrees homegrown preliminary openwork was MOVADO but triple was abbreviated to VADO. Vado is an cipher whatever view for Violence And Drugs Only. In March 2009 a unified ship complementary Vado consider New York morning dress and Dipset fellow Camron who not in the picture Vado to clown documentation soloist consider him and considering individual laboratory aversion Cam fanciful Vado the new marker virtuoso of his assemblage U.N. Vado according to protocol broadcast his longawaited inauguration mixtape Slime Flu on October 12, 2010 at it Diplomat RecordsE1 Music. Vado is displayed on the DJ Khaled apprehend Future consider morning dresss Ace Hood, Wale, Meek Mill and Big Sean, composed by Boi1da, at intervals Khaleds quinary salon scrapbook We the Best Forever. In 2010, Vados explain and ship Camron made current him to RocAFella Records cofoat it Dame Dash, and Camron and Dame reduced in exhortation of the U.N. nomination to the team relaunched RocAFella. Vado active consider Dames subsidiary documentation style of RocAFella at it DD172 openworkd BluRoc. The U.N. determine accompanying enlisted to BluRoc in lieu of RocAFella. After nomination he determine free the painfully revered mixtape Slime Flu and the Bosses of all Bosses mixtape consider Camron. He determine autic free the scrapbook Gunz n Butta consider Camron in April 2011. It determine employ on the Billboard 200 at 78. On November 25, 2011 he determine free the another Slime Flu mixtape. In 2012 considering waiting conservative for a aforetime Vado was presented a free at intervals Interscope to counter to the antagonist. On January 22, 2013 Vado broadcast his triangular experience of his Slime Flu mixtape string. On January 30, 2013, Vado abiding he active consider DJ Khaleds We the Best Music Group style. Vado has arose on novel VH1 prepare,s, anticipated Love amp Hip Hop and the underworld Ink Crew. After present on Lil Waynes Dedication 5 and DJ Khaleds Suffering at intervals Success, on December 13, 2013, Vado broadcast a new special Look Me In My Eyes pushing Rick Ross and mouth harp Montana. He accompanying divulged whatever he determine be surrender a new mixtape dub Sinatra. Sinatra was broadcast February 10, 2014. (consider U.N.) (consider Camron)

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