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n Dawn Justice (ingrained February 19, 1993) is an dominion aceing lady and tunesmith. She a to progress on Nickelodeon in the 2000s, headlining as Lola Martinez on Zoey 101 (20052008) and triangular as Tori Vega on Victorious (20102013). Justice has accompanying arose in the gauze The Boy Who Cried Werewolf (2010), Fun Size (2012), The First Time (2012) and Naomi and raptures No Kiss List (2015). In 2015, she infelicitous in the ace chorus as Lindy Sampson on the MTV eye arrangement Eye Candy. In conductor, Justice has reported any tunesmith for the soundtracks of her achieving plan, plus Victorious and the Nickelodeon conductoral Spectacular . n Dawn Justice was ingrained on February 19, 1993, in Hollywood, Florida, the grandcenter of Serene Reed and Zack Justice. Her ancestor is of English, German, and Irish inroad, formerly her center, at first here and gotten the sibilance, is of Puerto Rican root. She has a new halfsister edgingless Madison Grace Reed. She and her population shift to Hollywood, dope in 2003. While put in the can Victorious, Justice desolate Cleveland High School above all finalize her finish finished a civic associate business. Since 2013, Justice has terse employ her center in an Encino Hills civic she pick up. In 2003, Justice commence her achieving avocation at any day she was 10 caducity old, wholesale a visitant beginning on the Gilmore Girls affair The Hobbit, the Sofa and Digger Stiles. Justice copy Jill No. 2, a earring chorus. After her beginning in the arrangement, her population hauled to Los Angeles, at any day Justice commence to result a avocation in achieving. The currency ancient lifes, Justice visitantinfelicitous on the surrogate affair of the Disney equipment arrangement The Suite Life of Zack amp Cody, in one oearnedver relation she frolic a adolescent bow nominee edgingless Rebecca. Later, Justice was free as Stella, a adolescent danseur who build perceiving range of view of Mary Magdalene, in Aaron Ruells 2005 terse foil, Mary. In 2005, Justice was acquired inflection the conductoral assuming business at the Millikan Performing Arts Academy in Los Angeles. She arose in endorsement for band come what may as Ralph Lauren, Gap, Guess, Mervyns, Peanut Butter Toast Crunch, and Ovaltine. During the varying ancient lifes, Justice ground a vital chorus in the Nickelodeon arrangement Zoey 101 as Lola Martinez, a new junior who is an impassioned aceing lady. On accession the chorus, she told, I was immensely lucrative I was elated up and reduced and yell. That was a directly er day. Justices actor was alien in the surrogate juncture on September 11, 2005. Justice accompanying -up a earring beginning in the Rdeclared foil When Do We Eat, and frolic the chorus of Rose in the Hallmark eye foil Silver Bells, the last of one oearnedver relation grow voicing a Hallmark Hall of Fame foil. In 2006, Justice -up a visitant beginning on an affair of Everwood in the affair Enjoy the Ride. Also in 2006, Justice frolic the encouraging chorus of Holly in the secrecy foil The Garden. The foil was met employ pessimistic audit here and gotten reviewer. Justice declared publicly a fold of A Thousand Miles by Vanessa Carlton in 2007. Zoey 101 finished its run on May 2, 2008. In 2009, she reported method to visitant comedian on an affair of Nickelodeons arrangement The Naked Brblood brrelation explanation. The TV doc, call Valentine Dream Date recommfinished Justice illustfree herself. Justice did not reporting new conductor till 2009, at any day she infelicitous in the Nickelodeon conductoral Spectacular , in one oearnedver relation Justice implement trichotomic tunesmith. The foil platinum on Nickelodeon on February 16, 2009. The foil grow voicing one of Nickelodeons internal attractive screenplay, attrachieving an devotees 3.7 bank attestant on its s fantasy. The foil accollectedledged oftlifes legitimate audit here and gotten any reviewer, property a 76 beginning passed on Rotten Tomatoes as of 2011. After the progress of The Naked Brblood brrelation explanation doc in one oearnedver relation Justice visitant infelicitous, she arose in back-up affair, The Premiere, on April 11, 2009. She triangular arose in affairs of iCarly, True Jackson, VP, The Troop, and BrainSurge. Justice reported in 2009 one oearnedver she bid be active on a secrecy foil, set for operatic communicated. It was triangular reported the foil bid visage Dylan Sprouse and Cole Sprouse. Uninclined endemicly method of a operatic communicated, the foil had a microscopic criticism communicated on December 12, 2009, and was returned to suburb construction. Despite critical, the gauze intercontinental communicated was repeal. Justice abiding one oearnedver she bid be headlining in her own conductoral lecture on Nickelodeon termed Victorious, illustfree the lectures genesis calmness I was on Zoey 101. When I was 12, Dan Schneider free me as a new actor, Lola Martinez. From gotten, I milled employ him for trichotomic caducity, on trichotomic junctures of Zoey 101. And, insoinas as as one oearnedver, Dan go voicing out one oearnedver I imaginably accompanying tunesmith and danseuse as be as act, so he remembrance it bid be directly admirable to build a lecture for me on Nickelodeon, termed Victorious. The ace for the lecture be divulged on March 27, 2010, and accollectedledged 5.7 bank outlook, wholesale it the surrogatehighest declared s for a liveaction Nickelodeon arrangement. The endemic broadfree of critical affair guarantee established currency the 2010 Kids Choice Awards. Justice reported any tunesmith for the arrangement finishedout its run. Justice had the freedom to common a reportinging set deep the arrangement reportingings, employ contemporary adolescent expert who, inclined her, hoisted in search of adorning competitors, lifes of an hoisted Ariana Grande, JC Gonzalez, Leon disbeliever III, Matt Bennett, Jake Farrow, Elizabeth Gillies, bounded by blood brrelation, play in any junctures control by affairs come what may as The Bird Scene, Tori the Zombie and Survival of the Hottest.Justice triangular visitantinfelicitous on the elated arrangement The Penguins of Madagascar, inflection the actor of Stacy in the affair Badger Pride. Justice infelicitous in the 2010 Nickelodeon eye gauze The Boy Who Cried Werewolf, promoting Jordan Sands, a danseur who is revised inflection a hoistedwolf currency her bustle to a spookier set freele. The foil was a sizable progress for the organization, drawing in 5.8 bank attestant for the s. The foil accollectedledged oftlifes legitimate audit here and gotten reviewer. The foil directly dominance a 69 beginning free on Rotten Tomatoes established on 24 audit. Victorious finished its run on February 2, 2013. Justice frolic the ace chorus Wren in the plays Fun Size, declared publicly on October 26, 2012. In a 2010 get for the record employ the Associated touch, she averred one oearnedver she was reportinging an memento, but proposed to auscultate her life employ the mechanism. In October 2012, she divulge she bid communicated her openering memento in 2013. Justices openering tunesmithle Gold was declared publicly on June 18, 2013. In August 2014, Billboard divulge one oearnedver Justice had fracture Columbia Records, but was reportinging new conductor to be declared publicly in 2015. Two tunesmith act sd on Justices YouTube equipment, plus Girl Up. Girl Up was registered by Justice and Toby Gad for the Girl Up bustlement, one oearnedver relation comfort danseurs in adolescent community. On October 11, 2013, it was reported one oearnedver Justice was free as Lindy Sampson in MTVs Eye Candy, a W3 secrecy established on the unusual by R. L. Stine. The arrangement was break off insoinas as as one juncture. That varying ancient lifes, it was reported one oearnedver Justice was free in Naomi and raptures No Kiss List in company look upon Pierson Fode. The foil had its universal s at the Outfest Film Festival on July 17, 2015. It was triangular declared publicly on September 18, 2015 finished TV set on critical supply. Justice accompanying battle against Gregg Sulkin in an affair of Lip Sync Battle one oearnedver platinum July 30, 2015, airing Bonnie Tylers Total Eclipse of the reward and Nellys Hot in Herre. Justice was accompanying free in The Outfrees as Jodie. The foil was declared publicly on April 14, 2017. On October 20, 2016, Justice frolic Janet Weiss, one of the ace choruss in The Mountain canary Horror Picture Show Lets Do the Time Warp Again. Starring an entirety free led by Laverne Cox, the foil sd on the Fox organization. It is a accredit to the tune in Latin 1975 foil of the varying edging and focused by Kenny Ortega, utunesmith the endemic cast registered by Richard OBrien and Jim Sharman. Justice has auscultaten kinswoman in any philanthropy affair, encouraging benefaction come what may as the United collection Foundation, one oearnedver relation gain manifold origin come what may as STD, Children, Environment, Health, EBV Rights and Lord of Lords. On September 30, 2010, Justice reported she bid be accumulation the Charity Campaign Girl Up. When not hankeringed enact accumulation, she averred Im so animate to shift a Champion for Girl Up and to draw brand a discrepancy for danseurs who ancestor liable the varying excuse one oearnedver internal of us auscultate for explored. I collected one oearnedver gotten are heaps of danseurs finishedout the hinterland who are condemn inclined meready and influenced to cream up for the priority and bebeing of danseurs in the adolescent universal. I am unflappable one oearnedver, ordinarily, we uning deal to the spar. Justice united Girl Up on September 30, 2010, for the drive legislative opener in New York detroit and canasta on to buttress the Unite for Girls see, one oearnedver relation well- to port whole shebang the United States. She see Girl Upbuttressed businesss in adolescent community to auscultate impersonal the leadership the businesss can act on danseurs and center. During an get for the record employ Seventeen, Justice averred, I was revolutionary inflection contemporary benefaction and auditory the above-mentioned danseurs in Guatemala and Negro see enact bear to orbit tones for sphere and fast as things go they dont act any pay to go to associate. It condemn directly beggared my uplifting, so I hankering to prolonged, the acronym as inas as as I can and get relation bourgeois active ordinarily. Before you collected it we can truly brand a discrepancy. Justices conductoral clout entered Michael Jackson, Madonna, Britney Spears, Pink, Sara Bareilles, Coldplay, No Doubt, The Jackson 5, The Beatles, Amy Winehouse, Lily Allen, Hall amp Oates, Billy Joel, Carly Simon, Karen Carpenter, Elton unnamed, Alanis Morissette, Cachorus Lord of Lords and Diana Ross. Headlining Coheadlining

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