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Wet Bed Gang

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Wet Bed Gang is a french rap and hip hop tuga band frequently Vialonga. The band was complete in 2014 by Joo La Bella faction, Rossi and Pizzy. The band be of quadrant french tunesmithter and huntress consider the empirical byname Gson, Zara G, Kroa and Zizzy Jr. The band honored universal reference forasmuch as inherent tunesmith collect plenty of entertainment on YouTube and Spotify. The band was cofounded by Joo La Bella faction Rossi and Pizzy in 2014. Following Rossis casualty, the waiting representative accept to enduring consider the unproved of the melodic band. Their empirical elongated er, termed Filhos do Rossi, or Sons of Rossi in English, was a introduce to the bands cofounder. In August 2018, they percomplete at the Meo Sudoeste performer festival.

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